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2018 College Dux achieves an ATAR of 98.7 and surprises with a perfect Study Score 50/50 for Further Mathematics

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College graduate, Khang Le, started the year off with a new haircut that raised some eyebrows among his fellow students and teachers. However, this didn’t stop him from being the best he was called to be in the final year of his VCE studies by becoming the 2018 College DUX with an ATAR of 98.7

As a stylish man, Khang, also perfected his way to a Premier’s Award with a perfect Study Score of 50/50 for Further Mathematics.

“I’m thrilled to be the College DUX and surprised by my perfect Study Score in Further Mathematics,” said an elated Khang when finding out his results earlier this morning.

“I’d like to think my haircut had something to do it,” a humble Khang added.

In addition to Khang’s outstanding results this year, the College also saw growth in its results in 2018:

  • 249 students successfully completed VCE, VET and VCAL
  • 13 ATAR scores above 90
  • Top 20 students achieved an average ATAR of 93
  • Two perfect Study Scores of 50/50 for Further Mathematics
  • 45 Study Scores above 40
  • 43 students achieved an ATAR above 80
  • Overall ATAR score improved by more than 6% over the past five years.

The College has continued to focus on its personalised learning progammes for students, including those undertaking VCE subjects.

“I’m extremely proud of Khang and congratulate him on being the 2018 College Dux and the Proxime Accessit, Long Pham, on achieving a 98.2 ATAR. They have worked extremely hard for these results and as a community we are thrilled,” said Principal Marco DiCesare.

Principal DiCesare added, “On behalf of everyone at the College, we wish our 2018 graduates of Caroline Chisholm Catholic College all the best with your future endeavours.”