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The College is pleased to share its VCE results for the class of 2019. Our students have performed with great distinction and on behalf of the College and its community we offer these students our fullest congratulations and best wishes with their future endeavors.

The DUX of the College for 2019 is Vicky Nguyen with an ATAR score of 97.2.

Highlights of the 2019 results are:

  • 216 students successfully completed VCE, VET and VCAL
  • 23 Study Scores above 40
  • 14 students with an ATAR of 90+
  • Top 20 students achieved an average ATAR of 92
  • Highest average ATAR in six years

Results of this exceptional caliber reflect the outstanding efforts of our students and their teachers.

We wish to particularly note the achievements of those students who completed their VCE studies despite challenging personal circumstances. Their ability to commit themselves to their studies during difficult times needs to be commended.

We look forward to another great academic year in 2020.