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Students undertake compulsory studies in Drama, Music and Visual Arts at Years 7 and 8. Students will complete one semester of Visual Arts and Music in each year and one semester of Drama across the two years.

Students are invited to enrol in the College Instrumental Program to learn Piano, Strings including Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass, Guitar, Percussion including Drum Kit, Voice, Wind including Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute and Brass including Trombone, Trumpet, French Horn and Tuba.

Key Study Areas

Students are introduced to a variety of exciting rhythmic and melodic instruments. All students are given the opportunity to perform solos and in small groups. Singing, body percussion and learning the guitar and keyboard, are all ways of learning Music in Year 7.

Students study a great variety of music including classical music and popular songs. Students form small groups and prepare and perform on instruments including voice, keyboard, guitar and percussion. Students begin to understand the power of music in society and how music is used in film and television. Students experience music from all around the world.

Year 9 Music offers students the opportunity to practice and refine their instrumental playing skills in both a solo and group context. As part of the course, students will compose their own music using rhythmic and melodic knowledge gained from Year 7 and 8 music class. Students practice listening and responding to various styles of music, and also undertake music analysis and aural training. All students have various opportunities to perform at the College. These include busking days, ‘Music in the Café and campus assemblies.

Year 10 Music Elective will now incorporate the VET Certificate III in Music. Music students in Year 10 experience an array of musical activities that include a variety of exciting performance opportunities, group performances, public performances, songwriting, and practical application of effective rehearsal techniques. It is highly recommended that students in Year 10 are enrolled in the College Instrumental Music Program learning the instrument they are specialising in.

Certificate III in Music provides students with the opportunity to apply a broad range of knowledge and skills in varied work contexts in the music industry. Depending on the electives chosen, Units 1&2 include composing simple songs or musical pieces, applying knowledge of genre to music making and preparing for performances. Units 3&4 offer scored assessment and include units such as developing improvisation skills, developing technical skills and performing music as part of a group or as a soloist.

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