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Our Outdoor Education program promotes students’ personal development while encouraging teamwork and positive attitudes towards the environment.

All students in Years 7–10 safely build on their skills year by year under the supervision of our qualified and experienced outdoor education staff.

Activities are non-competitive and include camping, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, cooking, rock climbing, surfing and cross-country skiing.

The outdoor education program aims to:

  • Provide enjoyable learning situations
  • Promote aspects of personal development such as self-esteem, resourcefulness, leadership, tolerance, determination and responsibility
  • Promote social interaction, focusing on trust, teamwork and co-operation
  • Develop and encourage positive attitudes toward environmental appreciation and protection, and encourage conservation practices
  • Promote the value of a healthy lifestyle for everyday living through physically and mentally challenging activities and appropriate food preparation and planning.

Many of the activities are held at Garema Dumont – a 56-acre outdoor and environmental education facility on the Moorabool River near Meredith owned and operated by our College.

Outdoor education costs are included in the school’s Composite levy and do not require extra payment.

Key Study Areas

In a three-day camp at Garema Dumont, our Year 7s engage in fun activities designed to bond them with their peers and encourage environmental awareness – while developing a skill base to build on in future years.

Activities include: tent camping; camp cooking; nature navigation; bushcraft; making campfires; bushwalking; night games; flying fox; canoeing; archery; and low ropes course.

Students get active in and on water in the three-day Year 8 camp held at Garema Dumont and at Anglesea beach on the Great Ocean Road.

The program is designed to give students the experience and skills necessary to enjoy beach and river-based activities safely.

Activities include: beach safety instruction; swimming/body surfing; tent camping; camp cooking; body boarding; canoeing; beach games; surfing; stargazing; and snorkelling.

Our three-day Year 9 camp at Garema Dumont combines outdoor recreational activities and environmental education through an environmental action project.

The activities are designed to extend the students’ camping and outdoor skills while building team work and initiative.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to overcome perceived limitations, whether self-imposed or imposed by peers.

Activities include: hiking; teamwork initiatives; mountain biking; low ropes course; high ropes course – pamper pole (a confidence building exercise in which participants supported by ropes leap from

Year 10s spend a day cross-country skiing at Lake Mountain – a fun and challenging outdoor activity in a beautiful and novel environment.

Activities on this excursion include: snow safety instruction; ski lesson; cross-country skiing loop; tobogganing; and snow play.