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Instrument Hire Agreement

Please complete and submit an Instrument Hire Agreement for the current school year using the online form below or by downloading a PDF version. If you experience any issues when completing the form, please contact the College on 9296 5311.
  • Do not use student's email address.
  • Instrument Hire

  • Agreement terms and conditions

    • To take utmost care of the instrument allocated for hire. This includes cleaning the instrument when required, performing simple maintenance as shown by your teacher (i.e. tuning strings, etc.), and ensuring its safety at all times.
    • Inform your teacher if there are any problems with your instrument that require repair. Do not undertake repairs yourself under any circumstances.
    • If you lose or irrepairably damage your instrument, you must bear the full cost of replacing that instrument.
    • If it is determined that any damage has been done to the instrument during the duration of the hire agreement, you must bear the full cost of repairing that instrument.
    • Instruments must be returned to the College following the end of year Christmas concert where it can be re-borrowed over the summer holidays if required.
  • Estimated Value of Hire Instruments

  • Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin or Viola $480

    Tenor Saxophone: $1,350

    Alto Saxophone or Cello: $1,000

    Trombone: $700

    Double Bass: $2,000

    Guitar: $150

    Above is an indicative price guide to replace lost or damaged instruments.

  • Consent To Terms and Conditions of Hire Agreement

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