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Instrumental Music Tuition Agreement

To submit an application please complete the online form below. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. If you encounter any issues when completing the form, please contact the College on 9296 5311.
  • Do not use student's email address.
  • Instrument

    Please nominate your instruments. You may learn multiple if you choose.

  • Tuition Fees for the Full Year

    Based on 8 lessons per term.
    Do not send payment with this agreement. You will be billed on your family statement by the Finance Department. Any books needed will be applied to your College account.

    Students may be selected to undertake AMEB music exams. Please note: AMEB exams and books incur an extra cost which will be applied to your College account.
  • Prior Experience

    Please tick box if chosen instrument(s) have been played before.
  • Instrument Hire

    An instrument hire fee of $150 will be waived for students participating in College Ensembles. Please note that drums, guitars and keyboards are not available for hire.
  • Ensemble

  • Instrumental Music Tuition Agreement Stipulations (Copy retained by College)

    1. 1. To attend and participate in all instrumental music lessons, and scheduled rehearsals and performances of the Music Ensemble to which you will be assigned, for the whole academic year. (Excepting absences due to illness, other College commitments, and other arrangements with the directing teacher).
    2. 2. To check your Compass timetable regularly, as this will include your Instrumental Music lesson times. Please note: It is expected that the entire term's Music lesson schedule will be on Compass by the end of Week One of any given term.
    3. 3. Be punctual in attendance to instrumental lessons, practice regularly and make up any work missed in normal classes due to music commitments.
    4. 4. Eight (8) instrumental lessons are contracted each term. A lesson is not made-up in the case of a student being ill on the day of a timetabled lesson.
    5. 5. Look ahead at your Compass timetable at the start of each term. If you notice a lesson is going to clash with a classroom test or another important activity, you must inform your instrumental teacher 48 hours prior to your lesson and attempt to organise a swap or make up lesson.
    6. 6. You must notify your Instrumental Music teacher of any camps, excursions, incursions, etc., that may impact your scheduled music lessons well ahead of time (at least 4 weeks). By doing so, make up lessons can be arranged in advance.
    7. 7. To assume responsibility of any instrument you borrow from the College. You must take good care of your instrument and notify your teacher immediately of any problems or damage. Misuse or damage to the instrument will be billed to your College account to the value of $200 to cover repairs towards replacement.
    8. 8. To give one full term's notice if you wish to cease instrumental tuition. Withdrawal for the following year to be notified by the end of October in writing or it will be assumed lessons are continuing.
      (Instrumental Music Program Withdrawal forms are available on the College website).
    9. 9. Complete a new Instrumental Music Agreement if you wish to change your preference of instrument.
    10. 10. Please note that if your family is granted Fee Assistance, the music fees, music books and instrument hire will not be included in the Assistance Package, as these fees are extra-curricular. As this is the case, music tuition fees must be paid in full by the July installment date. If you have outstanding school fees and your account is not up to date, the College reserves the right not to renew your music tuition.
    11. 11. The College will do its best to accommodate timing requests for Year 11 and 12 lessons, but cannot grant all requests. All other students will be on a rotating roster and all efforts will be made to ensure that they are not missing the same subject each lesson.
  • We undertake to honour all aspects of the above Music Tuition Agreement.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.