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Principal’s Message

Dear members of the Caroline Chisholm Catholic College Community,

As we finish the term, I thank everyone for their support in achieving great outcomes for this term. We are stronger as a community when we work together to achieve our goal of being the leader in learning excellence in our community.

While it has been an eventful term, I am conscious that some in our community have experienced or are experiencing difficult times. As people of hope, we keep the Easter message in our hearts. I ask for your prayers over this Easter period for those in our community who are experiencing a time of struggle and hardship.

help me to understand that in every life,
something good fails,
something great ends,
something righteous is taken unjustly away,
something looms like an abandonment by God.
Give me the wisdom to know that
You rose from the dead
as a sign to us that every one of these “little deaths”
is life become new all over again.
Be with me in living Your Resurrection
over and over again.

Mr Marco DiCesare

Deputy Principal

The Move to Continuous Reporting

At the beginning of this year the College started its journey to a continuous reporting model of providing feedback and information to parents. Through the parent portal students and parents are able to access up-to-date information on assessment and feedback for all subjects at all year levels.

This new model of reporting was introduced to ensure timely, targeted and transparent feedback.

More information on Continuous reporting can be found in the School Resources > College Community Files section of the portal.

Term One Progress Reports

Term One Progress Reports are designed to provide feedback on a range of areas related to your child’s learning and work habits.

Progress reports have a new format this year. The new format allows us to track and monitor student progress in developing important study and work habits over time.

Term One Progress Reports are now available on the parent portal (Compass) and more information about the new format for these reports can be found in the School Resources > College Community Files section of the portal.

If you have any questions about your child’s progress report please contact their Learner Mentor or subject teacher/s.

Offerings at the College

The Chance to Start University Studies

This year the College has renewed its partnership with Australian Catholic University (ACU) and is running university studies on campus. The College strives to provide a variety of learning opportunities to meet the needs and goals of our students and through this relationship the College is delivering university units in Health Science. The students involved are starting their journey to a Bachelor degree in the area of nursing, midwifery, paramedics or perhaps speech pathology.

The units are delivered at the College, though students are enrolled as ACU students and have full access to attend lectures and to the resources of the University Library. The unit also provides students with credit towards their ATAR.

As well as providing the students with an invaluable experience the students are studying their first university units at no extra charge.

Students currently in year 11 may like to consider the possibility of starting their University studies a year early!

Suzanne Farley
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

Campus Updates

Sacred Heart

Student voice, and opportunities to develop student leadership are very important to us. The Sacred Heart end of term assembly this week was completely organised by Ambrose House leaders, with all key messages about various school activities delivered by student leaders from Years 10, 11 and 12. It was an engaging and entertaining assembly, and I thank all those who played a part in organising it. We were also treated to a short performance of the senior Theatre Studies production of Mother Courage and a musical interlude from our Year 11 VET Music class. We certainly have some talented performers on the Sacred Heart campus!

This has been a very busy term, with a range of extra-curricular activities taking place. Without attempting to name them all, some examples include the Arts, Theatre and Outdoor Education camps, various VCAL excursions, Athletics Day, International Women’s Day, Carnevale and many more. Events like these take a considerable amount of time and energy to organise, but the end result is a school environment that is positive, engaging and meaningful.

Student Leadership Day

Year 12 Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies

VCE Theatre Studies Mother Courage rehearsal

nternational Women’s Day


I would like to wish all Sacred Heart students and their families a happy and safe Easter. Enjoy a well-earned break, and I look forward to seeing you all in term two.

Michael Torpey
Director of Campus – Sacred Heart

St John’s

As we end our first term of 2018 I must say there is a very positive, warm sense of connectedness for the entire community. We have gone about our days with joy, acceptance and respect. Through events like the sanitary product drive for International Women’s Day, House Athletics Carnival, Directions 9, and many other such activities our community has found ways to both inspire and to be inspired.

Station of the Cross Artwork –
Christ the King Church

St John’s

As we end our first term of 2018 I must say there is a very positive, warm sense of connectedness for the entire community. We have gone about our days with joy, acceptance and respect. Through events like the sanitary product drive for International Women’s Day, House Athletics Carnival, Directions 9, and many other such activities our community has found ways to both inspire and to be inspired.


The staff continue to offer amazing learning opportunities for all and the students have engaged themselves in their learning. As we head off for the Easter break I encourage the entire community to apply the lessons of the Easter story into their lives.

The Resurrection reminds us all that we can live life anew – that we are offered the opportunity of renewal, redemption and restoration. I encourage our boys to take this time to think about how they can come back next term, renewed and refreshed, and ready to be the best they are called to be.


Have a happy, safe and blessed Easter.

Ivanka Spiteri
Director of Campus – St John’s

Christ the King

Building resilience in the girls at Christ the King is a fundamental part of our Wellbeing program. The Rock and Water Program held its first session at lunchtime this week, with girls beginning on a journey that will see them emerge as confident leaders. Our program last year was so successful that a number of participants are now leaders on the Campus.

Through the Directions 9 program our students can develop their independence and problem solving abilities. Students have worked hard in their teams in preparation for their two day excursion in the city next term. The excursion this term was a successful and valuable introduction to the CBD of Melbourne.

Year 9 City Experience

We thank Ambrose House for their assembly this term. While celebrating the successes of many students on campus, it was great to see a Science focus to encourage our scientific explorers.

Thank you to everyone for a successful and harmonious term and I look forward to an active and equally vigorous term two.

Natalie Meddis
Director of Campus – Christ the King

News from the Departments

What’s happening in Science

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that is constant is change”. So from his statement in 475BC to now, where we are challenged to embrace rapidly changing technologies has certainly been a learning curve for Science staff. Thank you to all our College community who have supported us with the purchase of the Pearson Online content for their child in Years 7 – 9. This online content gives us tools for personalised learning and growth in our ever changing world, which engages and inspires. LightStarter is a component of the Pearson bundle that Science staff have been trained to use. It is a very different platform than using the hardcopy of the text book. It is an essential component for our learning and teaching journey. If you have not yet given your child access by purchasing it, you will find they are missing out on a critical learning pathway. Please contact me by email if you need assistance to give your child access.

Ecosystems and how abiotic factors affect biotic factors.

Year 9 students investigate yeast respiration rates. They used different % of sugar solution (energy) to investigate which % provided the most population growth which therefore increased production of carbon dioxide.

Marnie Bates
Head of Learning – Science

Library News

Literature Festival – Save the date!

An evening with author, Cate Kennedy.
Tuesday, 1 May – 6pm in the BISC
Cate Kennedy will be our special guest author on Tuesday 1st May.

Cate Kennedy

Click here to download the Literature Festival Invitation

Year 12 students are studying her novel, Like a House on Fire in English. Her insights may be invaluable in preparation for end of year assessments. We would also encourage any students or family members interested in creative writing or publishing to attend. All are welcome.

The BISC will remain open for students after school that day.

This is a moving play with adult themes and language, and students under Year 10 will only be admitted if accompanied by an adult. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased online via the following link:

Click here to make a booking

All proceeds will be donated to Caritas.

Donna Spillane
Head of Learning – Performing Arts

Refugee Programmes Coordinator

The College celebrated Harmony Day on Wednesday, 21 March in conjunction with the Athletics Day and House Carnival. The day started with an acknowledgement of country written and led by our Performing Arts captains – Jackson Galea and Jessica Cassar. Our music captains, Mia Haber and Kevin Rodas assisted Ms Linda Xie to collate a multicultural playlist based around the theme of harmony.

Ms Linda Xie & Ms Sarah Ziino overseeing the music

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) duties on the day was student-led. The students had the opportunity to share an overview of Harmony Day and the positive impact multiculturalism has had on our school and country.

The College staff also gathered for a morning tea where they brought dishes celebrating their own cultural heritage.

Thank you to everyone for their support and involvement. It was a great day.

Tim Kemp
Refugee Programmes Coordinator

Year 12 Retreat News

Parents of our Year 12 students are reminded that all Year 12 students will be attending their three-day retreats in week one of term two. By now, permission forms, medical information and dietary requirements should have been communicated to the College. We ask parents to please assist their child with arriving at school on Wednesday, 18 April at the correct time so the retreat buses can depart on schedule. Each House will be travelling to the following locations:

  Lorenzo: Lyrebird Park, Yellingbo (departing the College at 8:15am)
  Ambrose: Rutherford Park, Blampeid (departing the College at 8:30am)
  Clare: Candlebark Farm, Healesville (departing the College at 8:30am)
  Galgani: YMCA Lake Dewar (departing the College at 9:15am)

Sandra Vella
Faith Community Coordinator

Religious Education

The first topic students study in Year 7 Religion is ‘Belonging’ – both to the College community and the to the Catholic faith community as well. At the conclusion of the term, students have been asked to reflect on their first term. A few of their responses are below:

What does it mean to belong?

To be included in games and events, being friendly to others, and giving a helping hand.
To be in a place and feel welcomed, and happy, and to feel a part of it.
You don’t need to worry about being excluded.

How has term one been for you?

Very nerve-wracking because of all the tall students in the corridors.
It’s been pretty good. I was unsure at the start but I feel like I belong now.
It’s been wonderful. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly.
It’s been great exploring and doing new things.

Thanks to Mr Angelo Abela and his Year 7 class for these reflections.

Kate Sherwood
Head of Learning – Religious Education

Compass Updates

A reminder for parents about consent forms for an event.

Click here to download the Compass Consent

Student Reflection – Year 12 Forum

It was such an amazing experience getting to meet Robbie Peime as he took us through his life journey, whilst teaching us about the importance of resilience and combating depression and always looking forward in life. Robbie is a paraplegic who suffered a horrific accident breaking 60% of his bones and suffering a spinal cord injury. After his accident he suffered occasions of depression but he didn’t let his situation stop him from living life.

He inspired all the Year 12s, including myself, to never give up and to look on the bright side of things and not let the negative things in life bring us down not matter how serious they are. We all had an amazing time listening to Robbie whilst learning these important life lessons, and they will surely come into play as we complete our high school journey in 2018.

Year 12 Forum – SpinChat speaker Robbie Peime with students

Christos Minas
Year 12, SH Ambrose 7

Alumni Success

We are delighted to announce that 2017 graduate, Kate Zammit, has been granted a four-year tuition scholarship (higher education) with Victoria University. Kate Zammit is undertaking a Bachelor of Law/Business and we wish her every success.

2017 Alumni –
Kate Zammit


Term one has been great and as we come to the conclusion we can reflect on the events of 2018 to this point.

Year 10 Premier League has come and gone. Our boys Volleyball team went down to Kolbe College, not before putting up a terrific battle.

Senior Sports Day was a great showcase for our students. We were represented in Girls and Boys Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and Netball. Despite the results not ultimately going in our favour on the day, students all had fun. Highlights of the day included, Josh Mercado Yr 11 Galgani 8 and Don Le Yr 11, Galgani 4 making it through to the Semi Final in Tennis, Andy Chau Yr 11 Galgani 1 and Montana Farrugia Yr 12 Clare 8 connecting their passes in Mixed Netball, and the solid basketball play by both of our teams.

Term One is Senior Cricket and Netball Season and in our final game both teams took on Kolbe College. The netball team put in a great performance and were close to winning thanks to the play of Nyariak Pial Yr 11, Clare 6 and Madaesya Palavi-Lyons Yr 10, Clare 4.

Our cricket team left their best performance for last, and defeated the eventual finalists. After a solid bowling session, we needed 98 off 15 overs to win. After a slow start, Kartik Nigah Yr 11, Clare 7 gave us a boost scoring 28 before Frank Poligerinos Yr 11 Ambrose 3 scored 37 off just 15 balls putting us in a position to win which paved the way for Tom Dickinson Yr12 Clare 4 to hit the winning runs in the last over.

On Wednesday, 21 March, the College came together for the 2018 Athletics Day and House Carnival. It was a fantastic day where students represented their Houses in track and field events. The eventual winner of the day was the Lorenzo House, who narrowly edged out Galgani by only 7 points as well as Clare and Ambrose who were close behind. A huge thank you to all staff and students for a great day.

Representation by our largest swim squad to date, has led to wins in the Intermediate Girls Championship and the Intermediate Overall Championship at this year’s SACCSS Swimming Carnival – this was largely due to the fantastic swimming of Vi Truong Yr 9 Lorenzo 4, Jasmine Huynh Yr 9 Lorenzo 2, Ana Rogel Yr 9 Galgani 4, Kenny Nguyen Yr 9 Galgani 5, Tyron Pham Yr 10, , Katie Nguyen Yr 10 Ambrose 8, Haneesha San Miguel Yr 10 Galgani 6 and our two Intermediate Individual Champions Jade Ma Yr 9 Ambrose 4, and Anthony Phan-Le Yr 10 Clare 5, who were crowned with individual honours also.

Our junior squad members performed very well, coming in second in boys, girls and overall, thanks to a great effort by Blake Misfud Yr 8 Ambrose 2, Joshua Tan Yr 8 Galgani 2, Sarah Muscat Yr 7 Galgani 4, Kate Ma Yr 7 Ambrose 4 and our crew of Year 7 boys; Anh Nguyen Clare 3, Adrian Nguyen Ambrose 1, Benjamin Matthews Clare 1, Viet Truong Lorenzo 1, Aadi Mohan Clare 3 and Adan Borg Clare 2.

SACCSS Swim Team

The Swim Team’s reward for dedication to practise

Our senior girls carried the flag for the open age group and Montana Farrugia Yr 12 Clare 8, in partnership with Individual Senior Girls Champion Vanessa Isaac Yr 12 Galgani 3 made valuable contributions that saw the College finish second overall in division two.

A wonderful effort that sees a trophy, two banners and three individual medals return to the College from the day. It’s clear to see that our morning sessions contributed to the success of the team. For this, Mr Colin Chapman and Mr Matthew Smith should be congratulated, and all students how put in a lot of hard work.

Thomas Dicker
Sport Coordinator


Staff Profile

Hello. My name is Brendan Savage and I am the new House Coordinator for Galgani at Christ the King Campus. After a decade working mostly with male students I am loving the new environment with which I find myself. We are a supportive and nurturing, yet challenging, campus who have high expectations of its students. With English and Physical Education being my subjects I am enjoying the vigour with which the girls have embraced their studies. As Galgani House Coordinator, getting to know my House has been a pleasure as I have been welcomed graciously into the fold. I’m very much looking forward to what the remainder of the year has in store for everyone.

Brendan Savage
House Coordinator – Galgani – Christ the King Campus


Student Profile

I first came into the College in 2013, looking ahead excitedly and anxiously at the journey yet to come. It’s now 2018 – the culmination of my journey here at the College and I’m looking ahead anxiously and excitedly, on the cusp of a new journey. From the beginning of my time here at the College, I had set out with a series of expectations and plans, ambitions contingent on meeting deadlines and timeframes. If there is one thing that I have learnt in all my time here, it is that while plans are good and handy, often, about ninety percent of the time, the unexpected and unplanned often derail everything. Often, it is from these unexpected events that the best outcomes arise, the most fun is had and the learning experiences are enriched.

There have been many experiences which have defined my time at the College, and while I have many fond memories of school events such as camps, it is the normal day-to-day, the candid everyday activities of learning and engaging, banter and meaningful talks with the people of this community, staff and students alike, which will remain with me as the most meaningful experiences of my journey.

As a College Captain with the Curriculum portfolio, it is my responsibility, as technically stated, to ‘act as a student representative’ and connection between the student body and leadership, tasked with communicating the thoughts, opinions and concerns of my peers, especially those regarding their academic pursuits. However, the role of the captain is much more fluid and dynamic. Being the captain is defined by your vision and mission. It is my vision, and indeed that of the other captains, to enrich the sense of school pride and community. We aim to work actively to enhance the school experience of our community – to make the learning experience more enjoyable and to push our cohort to strive for excellence, so that at the end of their journeys, they are able to look back with pride at their achievements.

It is my honour to step up to the challenge of being a leader and I hope that when I do come to the end of my journey here at the College, I was able to enrich the experience of my peers and make them proud.

Jaden Nicolas
2018 College Captain
Year 12, SH Galgani 4

College Notices

The latest article from Parenting Ideas that looks at dealing with anxiety.

Click here to download the Insight Anxiety article



Important Dates

16.4.18 Start of Term Two – All students return
18.4.18 – 20.4.18 Year 12 three-day retreats
23.4.18 Year 7 & 8 Music Concert – 7pm – Quin Auditorium
25.4.18 ANZAC Day public holiday – College closed
30.4.18 – 4.5.18 Literature Festival Week
1.5.18 An evening with author, Cate Kennedy – 6:30pm – BISC
30.4.18 – 4.5.18 VCAL Industry & Enterprise Work Placement – Year 10
2.5.18 Year 10 Allwell Placement & Scholarship Testing
7.5.18 – 11.5.18 VCAL Work Placement
9.5.18 Inter-School Debating
11.5.18 – 17.5.18 Year 10 Exams
0.5.18 College Open Day – 11am – 3pm