Easy English Parents Fact Sheet

Easy English Secondary School Fact Sheet

Protect Fact Sheet (Vietnamese)

Protect Fact Sheet (Dinka)

Child Protection Safety Policy

Child Safety Code of conduct

Child Protection Complaints Management

  Name Position Contact No. Email Address
Stephanie Banks Deputy Principal Wellbeing  92965331 s.banks@cccc.vic.edu.au
Paul Piperno Director of Campus St Johns  92965306 p.piperno@cccc.vic.edu.au
Michael Torpey Director of Campus Sacred Heart 92965323 m.torpey@cccc.vic.edu.au
Natalie Meddis Director of Campus Christ the King 92965328 n.meddis@cccc.vic.edu.au
Lucinda McCutcheon Counsellor 92965377 l.mccutcheon@cccc.vic.edu.au

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Key dates

  • Open Day - 28/05
  • Term 2 Ends / Student Free Day - 30/06
  • Term 3 Begins for all Students - 18/07
  • Awards Assembly & Talent Quest - 04/08