As most of you are aware, year 8 students were given an opportunity this year to participate in the 2014 RACI Victorian Crystal Growing Competition. From the 400 entrants received by RACI, one of our students has been placed 3rd in the year 7-8 age group! The third place winner is Mel from 8A! 
All students who participated will receive a certificate of participation. Mel’s crystal will be displayed at the University of Melbourne as they are currently holding a crystallography exhibition. Following that, the crystal will be sent to NSW to take part in the National Crystal Growing Competition!! 
Mel’s crystal is on third from the bottom on the right ( in front of the blue one)
Many thanks to all the staff who assisted.
Ms Sidoti

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  • 15/02 -  6pm - Yr 7, 10, and new students Parent Information Night
  • 15/02 - 7pm - Welcome Instrumental Evening
  • 15/02 -  8pm - Intrumental Trial Night
  • 23/02 - Commissioning Mass
  • 26/02 -  6:30pm - Parents & Friends Meeting
  • 27/02 to 28/02 - Yr 7 Reflection Day