Students have the opportunity to learn Italian and Japanese at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College.

We strive to build skills like speaking, listening, reading and writing while helping students to become familiar with the cultures associated with the languages.

At Year 7, students study one semester of each language before selecting either Italian or Japanese for the duration of Year 8. From Year 9 onwards, languages become elective subjects.

At Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, language study is enhanced by various incursions, excursions and school-based activities such as:

  • Year 8 Italian Commedia dell’Arte performance
  • Year 9 Italian Dante Alighieri Society’s poetry competition
  • Year 10 Italian ‘La Storia in Valigia’ workshop
  • Year 11 Italian National Gallery of Victoria visit
  • Year 10 Japanese Monash University ‘Why Learn Japanese?’ excursion
  • Year 12 Languages Camp for all students of Japanese and Italian
  • Language Week celebrations

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Key dates

  • 7/5 VCAL Placements

  • 11/5 Year 10 Exams

  • 25/5 Learner Mentor Meetings