Pathways Centre

Students face a myriad of subject, academic pathway and career choices – the Pathways Centre helps them make informed decisions that lay the right groundwork for their futures.

We produce a weekly careers newsletter which highlights upcoming open days, career expos, student competitions as well as the career options accessed via different university and training courses.

Students who are unsure about career or subject choices are always welcome to visit the Pathways Centre to see the Career Coordinator, VCE Coordinator or VET/VCAL Coordinator – as are their parents.

Whether our students are heading towards tertiary study, a traineeship, apprenticeship or employment, the Pathways Centre can offer professional advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Subject counselling – guidance in choosing or changing their subjects.
  • Pathway advice – planning what to do after graduation, with options including tertiary study, vocational education, employment, gap year programs, apprenticeships and more
  • School-based apprenticeships (SBAT) – students in Year 10 or 11 can work one day a week with an employer, undertake training with TAFE and complete their schooling at our College.
  • Job seeking skills – help developing a resume and application letters, as well as enhancing students’ interview and other job seeking skills.
  • Work experience – students aged over 15 can undertake up to 15 days a year, and those studying Industry and Enterprise in Year 10 undertake work experience as part of the subject.
  • Preparing for university/TAFE – help applying for courses or alternative/special entry schemes, sourcing scholarships and everything else related to tertiary education.

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