In 2017 Directions 9 offers a unique and engaging learning experience for Year 9 students to participate in stimulating and challenging learning activities.  In this program students will have the opportunity to develop various skills through critical and creative thinking while developing personal and social learning capabilities which take place within the classroom.

The 2017 Directions 9 program encourages students to develop various skills in thinking, communicating and working collaboratively.  Throughout the semester length subject students will be involved in a number of activities aimed to promote team work and communication along with activities designed to develop life skills that students can utilise beyond the classroom.

The 2017 City Experience comprises of two different learning experiences in Melbourne CBD.  The first is a supported Amazing Race in and around the city where students are to navigate their way to different locations answering a variety of questions requiring keen observation as they travel.

The second experience that students have in the city is a two day data collection opportunity for their Inquiry Research project.  Students are responsible for all planning, preparation and booking of all activities to be undertaken over the two days.  Students will gather data and evidence to comprehensively answer their Inquiry Research question.  After their two day research experience students present their findings using the data collected and answers gained for the Inquiry Research Project.

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Key dates

  • 7/5 VCAL Placements

  • 11/5 Year 10 Exams

  • 25/5 Learner Mentor Meetings