Years 10 to 12

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College encourages every student to strive for excellence, and fulfil their potential.

We recognise each student’s dreams, interests and aspirations are different. For this reason, we offer senior students a wide range of opportunities to identify and develop their particular goals, gifts and talents – and prepare for life after graduation.

Our Pathways Centre helps students who are uncertain about subject or career choices. Centre staff also offer advice and assistance regarding work experience, job seeking skills and other preparation for further study, traineeships, apprenticeships or employment.

Year 10

Year 10 is designed to strengthen students’ ability to plan their future pathways with a structure that allows flexibility and choice in a wide range of core and elective subjects. Select students can extend their learning and study VCE, Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects at Year 10.

Years 11 and 12

Our College offers more than 50 VCE subjects, achieving excellent results, particularly in the sciences, mathematics and technology. Students who are academically inclined can study university subjects while still at school – and four in five of our students go on to university after graduating.

We also offer the option of VCAL qualifications for students who plan on trades careers.

The College’s Trade Training Centre is world-class and includes technology used across industries such as engineering, robotics, (3D fabrications [including additive (3D Printers) & subtractive (CNC Machines) and trades such as signcrafting.

The college incorporates 5 different micro controller types in its physical computing offerings. The Centre encourages open source design sensibilities which is the industry norm for design, construction & evaluation of integrated systems.

Student innovation, development & construction of original and unique projects is a key element of our program.

All students have the opportunity to study VET subjects as part of their VCE or VCAL studies.

For more detail, see our  Year 10–12 College Course Guide.  


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Key dates

  • 7/5 VCAL Placements

  • 11/5 Year 10 Exams

  • 25/5 Learner Mentor Meetings