Years 7 to 9

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College is committed to inspiring and empowering every individual to be the best they are called to be. We aim to meet students’ key developmental learning needs at each phase of their secondary schooling.

Our program at Years 7–9 is designed to ensure all students have access to a broad range of courses and learning styles in a single sex setting. This lays the foundational knowledge, skills and understanding required for their transition into our co-educational senior school.

We offer an innovative and diverse curriculum that provides all students with opportunities for growth, skills enrichment, learning and achievement.

Our staff, students and families work together to support students to be engaged learners aspiring for excellence.

For more detail, see the Year 7–9 College Course Guide.

Accelerated Enrichment Program

Aspire is a select entry accelerated learning program for students in Years 7-9 who share:

• a passion for and commitment to learning

• exceptional abilities across multiple disciplines and

• high motivation to reach their full potential and pursue opportunities to challenge themselves.

In addition to the foundation core subjects, students in the Aspire program engage in different learning situations designed to help develop high order thinking and independent learning skills.

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Key dates

  • 7/5 VCAL Placements

  • 11/5 Year 10 Exams

  • 25/5 Learner Mentor Meetings