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Apply Now

Year 7 2025 enrolments are now open.

Start your Online Application Form Here

Welcome to Caroline Chisholm Catholic College’s online Enrolment Application. This allows families to submit a form online. A non-refundable fee will be charged per enrolment. Payment can be made in person or over the phone.

Click here to commence an online Enrolment Application form.

To complete the form offline, please contact the College Registrar on (03) 9296 5311 or collect a hardcopy from Reception at eitehr 204 or 65 Churchill Avenue, Braybrook 3019.

Please note that enrolments for Year 7 can only be accepted when the student is in Grade 5, and not prior.

Please call our College Registrar on 9296 5311 if you have any questions or email


Request a Prospectus

Find out more about what a Caroline Chisholm Catholic College education offers.


To apply for the Fees Assistance Program, please request and complete an application form from our Accounts Office, attaching all information regarding your circumstances. Applications are considered in the strictest confidence by the College Fees Committee. The Committee also notes the family’s attempts, commitment and communication with respect to previous debts when considering each application.

Please note that assistance is only available for fees in the current school year, not balances from previous years.
If your family is provided with Fees Assistance, the College will require you to:

  • complete and sign a Fee Commitment Agreement (available from the Accounts Office).
  • authorise Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) allowance payments to be transferred fully to the College.
  • agree to remit payments to the College by direct debit authority.

If you have any questions or need help completing the application form, please contact the College on 9296 5311 or email


The College is committed to awarding annual scholarships to recognise personal excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships acknowledge and recognise excellence in the curriculum space.

The Principal, in collaboration with members of the Leadership Team, will award the scholarships annually based on set criteria, as stated in our Scholarship Guidelines document.

All students across Years 7 – 12 are eligible and there is no application process to be considered for this scholarship.

General Excellence Scholarships

General Excellence scholarships are an application based process, with recipients from any year level having the ability to be selected.

Recipients must demonstrate outstanding performance over a period of time at the College in one or more of the following areas:

  • Cultural
  • Sporting
  • Musical
  • Citizenship
  • Leadership

For more information relating to our Academic and General Excellence scholarships and important dates, please contact our team via or call the College on 9296 5311.

Please also read our Scholarship Guidelines document which provides more details regarding criteria and funding.

Year 7 Music Scholarships

The College offers two Music scholarships at Year 7 covering eight 25-minute private instrumental music or vocal lessons per term. The Music scholarship is a two-year program and recipients are determined based on their audition.

For more information on application dates and requirements, please visit our Year 7 Music Scholarship Application page.

If you have any further questions regarding our music scholarship, please contact the Director of Music via or call the College on 9296 5311.

Book a Tour

Choosing a secondary school for your child is such an important decision for families to make.

To help you make your decision, the College runs tours throughout the year during regular school hours. We also hold an annual Open Day during the year, traditionally held in May from 11am to 2pm.

Complete the form below to book your tour.


CTK Tours are for the girls campus, Years 7 – 9.

St John’s Tours are for the boys campus, Years 7 – 9.

Sacred Heart Tours (co-educational 10 – 12), please book a St John’s Tour.

Book your spot on a tour now.


How to choose a secondary school for my child?

To help answer this question, we have put together a guide that covers many of the questions you may have or may not have thought of.

Download your copy here.

Can I book a tour of the College?

The College runs tours throughout the year during regular school hours. We also hold an annual Open Day during the year, traditionally held in May from 11am to 2pm.

Please complete the booking form via our College Tours section to book a personalised tour of any of our three campuse.

When should I enrol my child?

Year 7

Families are encouraged to submit applications when students commence Grade 5.

Application closure dates are typically around the middle of Term Three of Grade 5. Confirmed dates will be communicated to the community when available.

Years 8 – 12

We accept applications anytime during the school year.

What is the process of enrolment for Year 7?

To commence the process families are required to submit an application for enrolment to the College along with all required documentation and payment of a non-refundable administration fee.

Once all documents are received families will be contacted to attend an interview at the College.

If the application is successful, families will receive an enrolment offer pack in the mail with all of the necessary information required to accept a place at the College. If unsuccessful families will receive a waiting list offer which is subject to  places becoming available at the College.

What is the process of enrolment for Years 8 – 12?

The process of enrolment can take between two and three weeks from the time of application to commencement.

To start the process families are required to submit an application for enrolment to the College along with all required documentation and payment of a non-refundable administration fee.

Once all documents are received families will be contacted to attend an interview at the College.

If required, a reference check will be done with the applicant’s current school.

If the application is successful, families will receive an enrolment offer pack in the mail with the required information to accept a place at the College.

College Uniform

Students are at all times representatives of the College and its values. As such, students are expected to wear their uniform with pride. The guidelines below are in accordance with the College’s standards of presentation, including in public spaces, travel to and from school. Individual attention to cleanliness and good grooming are standards expected of both staff and students.

Download our College Uniform Guidelines here.



Uniform Order Form

The official College uniform supplier is Academy Uniforms. Visit for online ordering.



2023 Book and Resource List

Sorting out your 2023 College books and resources is simple via online ordering from our preferred suppliers. For all enquiries about supplies, please contact the supply directly.

Campion Education

Provides details of textbooks and general stationary requirements for ALL students.

Click here to access ‘online ordering for parents & students.’

Atelier Art Supplies

Provides details of materials required for Art, Visual Art, Studio Art, Photography, Media and Visual Communication Design subjects.

  • ALL Year 7 and 8 students will need to purchase materials to begin and restock their art kits.
  • Students in Years 9 – 12 who have selected one or more of these studies will need to purchase the relevant materials.

Click here and follow the link to ‘School Art Kits.’

Abacus Calculators

ALL students studying Mathematics in Years 9 – 12 require the TINSPIRECX II CAS Calculator

Calculators can be purchased from Campion Education, Officeworks or from Abacus Calculators.

Abacus Calculators also provides support for current calculators including new batteries, power cords and protective cases.

Click here to order using school ID code: CAROLINECHIS


International Application Process

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College is dedicated to learning excellence, with great staff and excellent facilities. Our students are supported and encouraged to be the best they are called to be within an inclusive learning environment.

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College accepts applications from International Students who wish to enrol at the College.

Please note, International Students who study at the College will need to be accompanied by and reside with a parent or family relative (aunt, uncle, grandparent or sibling aged over 21 years of age and approved as suitable by the Department of Home Affairs). The College will not enrol students who will require a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) Letter from the College.

Assessment of Application

Step 1: Read the International Student Program – Standard Application Terms, Conditions and Policies.

Step 2: Request an Application for International Enrolment by emailing

Complete the application form and return it with all the required documentation to Caroline Chisholm Catholic College – 204 Churchill Avenue, Braybrook VIC 3019 Australia.

All sections of the application form need to be completed and signed by both parents and/or guardians, including all medical information.

Translated copies of the student’s school reports covering the last two years of study are to be provided.

Notarised translation in English of a birth certificate and copy of the student’s passport.

AEAS or IELTS test results submitted. AEAS Test centre locations can be found at or

If a student is over 16, a notarised translated copy of their graduation certificate showing that they have achieved results allowing them to progress to the academic stream in senior secondary school and including a score of over 75% in English is required.

Step 3: Applications received are assessed by the Director of International Programs to determine whether a student meets the entry requirements to study at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College. Assessment of application cannot commence until all required documentation is received.

Students must complete the required amount of ELICOS as determined by the AEAS or IELTS assessment by an external ELICOS provider prior to commencing students at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College. A conditional offer will be made to students on this basis.

Students may be required to complete further language or academic testing. Students may also be required to attend a face-to-face interview, either in person or online when out of country.

Letter of Offer

Step 4: Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer and request for payment of fees.

Acceptance of Letter of the Offer and Payment

Step 5: To accept the Letter of Offer and terms and conditions of enrolment, a signed Student Written Agreement and full payment of fees must be received within 14 days.

Health insurance in the form of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) must be in place for the duration of study at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College. The student’s medical information must be forwarded and be up-to-date.

Confirmation of Enrolment

Step 6: Once payment of fees and all supporting documentation has been received, the College will issue a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter to enable students to apply for a student visa.

Visa Application

Step 7: Students applying for a visa must apply to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) office. Please visit for information on how to apply for a visa and requirements. To assist with your visa application, we recommend the use of an accredited education agency.

International Tuition Fees

Below are International Student Tuition Fees for 2023. Click here for a breakdown of fees along with payment requirements.

Application Fee $760 (non-refundable)

Year 10 – 12 $27,630
Year 7 – 9 $26,900

Tuition fees do not include, books, uniform, stationary items, costs associated with camps, visa applications or accommodation.