Churchill Avenue News, Edition 19

Campus Report - St Johns

19 April 2024

As we begin the term afresh, I would like to thank all of the St John’s students for the calm and productive way they have started the term. Over the last week I have been making it a priority to observe the wonderful connections the staff and students are blessed with as they enter 204 Churchill Avenue. From greeting students as the come in to begin their day, watching the boys interact, laugh and have with their peers and of course all of the learning, questioning, debating and researching that happens in our classrooms. The positive connections are happening everywhere as we begin Term 2!

I wish all students and staff a safe and productive Term 2 and I hope you enjoy the below reflections from a few of our Year 7 students on how they have transitioned into secondary school.

Take care,


Marley Von-Gurung
My transition into Year 7 has been an amazing experience. Before I went to Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, I imagined high school as a terrifying place, full of stress, bullying and homework. But as I stepped through the doors with teachers happily greeting me on day one, I realised it was not as bad as I thought. I saw quite a few nervous faces around the school, but even more people who were excited and outgoing, ready to start a new chapter of their lives at the school. During the day with my new class, we quickly started talking and introducing ourselves to each other and before we knew it, the whole class acted like we had known each other our whole lives. Whether it was joining a club or leadership role or saying hi to my friends at the bus stop, all these new experiences have made school just that much more fun and enjoyable for me

Eirik Heimdal-Reed
When I had talked about the transition with my friends, I acted like it was nothing, I thought it would be easy and that if my friends are fine, I will be fine. But as the first day drew closer and closer the more I stressed about if the kids would like me, if my teachers would like me, if my school uniform looks okay. But when I arrived on the first day everything was fine, great actually. I found that others had the same anxious face as mine, but it seemed as though friendliness was infectious there but best of all, it wasn’t the nightmare I dreaded it to be. From the moment I left the school after that day I knew that I would enjoy my years here.

Braxton Nguyen
Transitioning into Year 7 for me, and I’m sure for many other students, has been a wonderful experience. Year 7 (and highschool in general) has presented a plethora of opportunities for me. Despite having to leave all my old friends, I’ve met so many people and made new friends. I think the College’s facilities and infrastructure help to greatly improve the student experience; easy navigation and operation means that students don’t have to stress as much. Even from the start, learning our timetable, how our classes work and how the College works was effortless and straightforward. In the case that we do have trouble, the College has plenty of support available.