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Campus Report - Christ the King

EDITION 7 16 June 2023

Last week saw many of our students sit their first exams. It was good to experience the formality of the exams as it allows students the opportunity to plan, prepare and navigate themselves, whilst demonstrating their learning for the semester. It is also a great way to ensure when the VCE exams occur later in their schooling, they are well versed in how to manage these.

Reports are also coming very soon, again another opportunity to help students reflect on their growth and learning for the first part of the year. Some will reflect and ponder on opportunities taken and others may feel the need to set new goals for the semester ahead. Whichever path your child is walking, I hope they feel the support of their teachers and College community as they head into the next semester.

As you can see from the new winter HPE uniform, our aim is to accommodate the students with comfortable, warm yet professional attire to support their learning days. With the holidays fast approaching and the days getting colder, please consider the winter uniform and any adjustments that may be needed. The white winter shirt requires a top button for the tie to sit correctly. This may mean that some students need to purchase a long sleeve shirt. With the tie being a feature of the winter uniform, it is important that it sits correctly and is always worn neatly.

We thank you for your ongoing commitment to the College and for working with us as a team to support your child in their many facets of learning and development. I strongly believe that it is through the partnership between the parents, school, and students that success can be achieved, recognised and celebrated.

Veronica Argus
Director of Campus - Christ the King