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Faith & Mission

EDITION 7 16 June 2023

This month of June arrives as the central point of the year in many respects. With the recent Solemnity of the Sacred Heart which is celebrated this year on Friday, 16 June we see a particular focus on Jesus’ human nature and his heart as the seat of his emotions. This devotion to the sacred heart stretches back through our College history to the founding brothers and sisters and connects us back further yet to saints like St Margaret Mary Alacoque, St Jane de Chantal and St Francis de Sales. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus emerges in our Church and society as an emphasis on God’s love and mercy, and the sacredness of the human person. This solemnity is closely tied to the Feast of Corpus Christi, or the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, and is a further opportunity to appreciate Jesus’ divine and human natures. Jesus, as God incarnate, was fully human, understood our human struggles and joys, and sacrificed himself for all people. Hence, through these two significant feasts the Church brings to the forefront the love of Jesus for all people and his closeness to us today spiritually and in the Eucharist.

In light of this significant celebration, we as a College celebrate our annual feast day, Sacred Heart Day, and commemorate it through mass, assemblies, festivals and performances, all showcasing the many gifts and talents within our diverse community. Our feast day is a unique time to appreciate our shared vision for our community to be a place where faith thrives, acceptance overcomes differences, compassion reaches out to those in need, and the call to excellence brings out our best selves. Let us enjoy a restful break and return renewed for the second semester.

Tristan O'Brien
Deputy Principal - Faith & Mission