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Campus Report - Sacred Heart

EDITION 7 16 June 2023

It has been a busy term at Sacred Heart Campus for all year levels.

The Year 12s started the term with their Retreat. Attending three different sites, students came back feeling refreshed and connected to the school and their work.

There have been sport success stories through SACCSS and both Year 10 and 11 students have had their respective reflection days. A big shout out to Mr. Tristan O’Brien and his faith team for their organisation of these spiritual and connecting days for the Caroline Chisolm students.

Our Year 12 students have also just had another milestone event in their final year - the formal. It was an opportunity for students to disconnect for a day, get dressed up and pamper themselves as they finish Unit 3 classes and prepare for Unit 4 and their last term of secondary school. It was a great night with lots of yummy food, dancing and memories made.

Year 10 and 11 students have just completed their mid-year exams. The study skills the students develop at this time will help them as they enter and progress through their senior years. The students conducted themselves very well with focus, commitment and maturity. They also just had an exam feedback day which consolidated the exam period and will be a very beneficial learning experience moving forward into semester two.

As we enter the last weeks of the term there is still quite a few activities happening. The GAT for students completing a Unit 3&4 subject, the Winter Concert, end of term assembly and the day we look forward to celebrating so much all year - Sacred Heart Day.

I wish everyone an enjoyable and safe holiday and look forward to all that lays ahead at Sacred Heart Campus in Term 3.

Molly Coyne
Director of Campus - Sacred Heart

Student Retreat Reflections

"It was really good to spend time with students I didn’t really know and get to know them better."

"I came back feeling a real connection to the school, my teachers and mostly the Year 12 cohort."

"It’s always nice to spend time with teachers away from the classroom and get to know them in a different way."